Hi all, as you may have heard, Tynset no longer owns the server. This is due to some unexpected circumstances that came to light a few days after Tynset became owner, these circumstances are what lead him to step down from his position as the owner of MineRifts, and pass control of the server onto the staff team, headed up by myself and Siyv. It's upsetting that Tynset had to go so quickly, but we will do everything we can to keep the server running smoothly.
Over the next few weeks Siyv and I with help from our staff team will be focusing on a few things:

1. Fixing issues and bugs on the server

2. Finishing the setup of the new forums (Staff applications included in this)

3. Get a new ban/mute system in place for our staff team to use

4. Keeping the server happy and healthy and continuing to give you all a pleasant playing experience :D

We'll keep you updated as we make progress.


New Discord: https://discord.gg/Ayrquy7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mineriftsmc
Server IP: play.minerifts.com