Don't panic! Pandora Gaming has been renamed to 'MineRifts'!


MineRifts Server Recap - Week Two


Our second recap video is up! :D

MineRifts Server Recap -Week One - ish...


500,000 Views & Some Server Updates


MineRifts is live!


Here's an update with some info on the rename! :D

Pandora Gaming is no more



Well the title kinda gives it away. We've renamed 'Pandora Gaming' to 'MineRifts'!

BUT. That isn't the only change. Over the past months we've been getting input on what you guys want, and what you don't want. And, well. We're adding all the stuff you want! :D

Don't freak out though, no game modes are being reset, and all ranks are kept. So you don't lose anything!

Over the coming days, we're adding:
- New spawns on almost all game modes!
- Voting tokens & crates!
- New look for chat & in-game messages.
- Polished off a number of old features, and fixed loads of bugs.


There's more coming soon... *Psst.* We may or may not be adding FORUMS!! :o