Don't panic! Pandora Gaming has been renamed to 'MineRifts'!


Welcome to the store. Here you can buy Premium (donator) ranks.

When buying Premium you buy it for a certain amount of time, this determines the in-game rank you get. There are 4 available ranks, listed below.

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(Lasts 1 Month)




(Lasts 2 Months)




[Iron]Iron prefix

[Gold]Iron prefix


/title (displayed in chat)

/ptime & /pweather

/fly (in non-pvp regions)

Have up to 27 friends

Able to use colour codes in chat, /tell and on signs

Able to talk without moving (so able to use things like MineChat, Hyperchat, etc.)


2 plots

2 homes

/speed 2

3 plots

3 homes

/speed 3

/stack, /head & /heads

/enderchest, /craft & /smelt

/near & WorldEdit


1 virtual chest

2 homes

2 virtual chest

3 homes

/random, /stack & /head

/enderchest, /craft & /smelt

/near, /feed & /butcher

Mine mob spawners with a silk touch pickaxe

Change mob spawner types (right-click them)


1 virtual chest

2 virtual chest

/random & /stack

/enderchest & /craft

/near, /feed & /butcher

Mine mob spawners with a silk touch pickaxe

Change mob spawner types (right-click them)

Chop down a tree in one hit with an axe (/togglechop)


Wizard Kit

Flower Power Kit

Witch Kit

Cowboy Kit

War Games

Choose your team


Ride players (right-click them)


It looks like Mojang are starting to blacklist servers that don't follow their EULA (the rules that servers must follow). As far as we're aware, all perks available through paid ranks on MineRifts follow this. We add restrictions on all potential pay-to-win features to avoid violating the EULA. Specifically features like /fly are limited to only non-pvp regions, donator-only kits are both balanced with normal kits and available to normal players through the 'random' kit sign. Please contact us here if you think any of these perks violate the EULA. We try to run MineRifts as fairly as possible, so give us a heads up if we don't. :)